Life gets busy but we still need to take care what's important in our lives. Hiring a webmaster means choosing to take care of the website. Every part of a website requires updating and maintenance. Think of it as exercising at the gym. Every part of the body will get a work out. Without resting and eating, bad things happen, downtime. Like a body trainer, a webmaster has knowledge and tools to prevent downtime. After an update or maintenance the website will be in peak condition.

A healthy website will have a small fail rate. In normal circumstances a website should have a 99% uptime or a 1% downtime. Uptime means for how long the website is available for view and downtime means for how long is the website offline. The percent is calculated by comparing the life of the website to downtime or uptime.

Hey there, do you remember me? I’m your old computer. I remember you used to clean and maintain me. I was always functioning great with no errors. What happened? What went wrong? Please get back to me. From your sad and rejected computer.

The 1 percent is caused by how servers and the networks behave. Servers are computers, and a computer needs to restart or shutdown for updates to complete. The website will be down during this time. Sometimes networks between server and the internet will disconnect because an act of god. The website will be down in those areas and others connecting to it. A hacker can also take a site down. An experienced webmaster will have the entire website backed up and ready to restore. For a short period of time the website will not exist but will be up as soon as possible. A well maintained website will keep on running and be up without errors, 24/7 minus 1 percent.


Just Saying

Life was simple yesterday, when my website had no problems. Honestly, all bad things happen because we aren’t straight with ourselves. For some people, it can be difficult to understand that paying someone to maintain something will prevent most bad things from happening. It could be the pay part or the idea of paying someone for something that might not ever happen. This is not insurance, please don’t be confused. This is like brushing your teeth, everybody needs to brush their teeth. The cost is high if it’s not maintained. A Webmaster is a must have, if you expect to live longer than 1 day. Westchester Webmaster is always available for discussion about your website during business hours. Give us call or email us.