A Website for $499

A Complete Package

Website $499

A complete solution for your online presence

We are offering to build you a website for $499. This includes customizing and tailoring the colors, fonts, and photos. We can provide content of up to 250 words. Built in the system is a shopping cart for email orders. Also built in is a date and time scheduler for appointments. This website is SEO ready and mobile friendly. It has everything you need to run your businees online.

Whats included in the $499 website:

1. Domain Name for 1 year

2. Hosting for 1 year

3. Unlimited Emails

4. A Customized 499 Website

Other noteable features:

1. Simple Clean Modern Design

2. Shopping Cart System for Retail Oriented Business

3. Schedule System for Service Oriented Business

4. Call to Action Buttons

5. Easy Navigation

6. Mobile & Tablet Friendly

7. Customizable Theme

8. Privacy Policy

9. Terms of Services

Security features:

1. SSL Certficate

2. Daily Backups

3. Daily Update to System Files and Maintenance

4. Email Spam Blocker - SpamAssassin

How long does it take?

The completion date depends on how fast we can get your photos and content. Normally it takes a few days to setup the account and about a week to customize it. In total it takes about 2 weeks to have a complete customized website.

Can I see a sample?

Use the button below to see what a standard $499 website looks like. When you get there click on Change Theme to change the theme. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us anytime. Thank you.

The Live $499 Website